Commitment.      Relationships.      Guidance.      Service.

We are part of the Florida division of Assured Partners. As a privately held specialty agency within the framework of a large corporation, we enjoy the best of both worlds: the closeness of an individualized person-to-person agency and the horsepower of the 12th largest U.S. based Property and Casualty insurance agency in the country with more than $600 million in revenue.

Led by seasoned Marine insurance veterans, we are deeply committed to our clients. We take pride in guiding our insureds through all aspects of choosing the right coverage for their needs and advocating on their behalf through any claims process.

This is a business built on relationships.  Our close connections with all major insurance carriers ensures the very best possible service for our clients.

With passionate boating enthusiasts on our team, we also have a deep, long-held understanding of all things yachting and can offer guidance for mates stepping up to a captain position and for owner/operators to satisfy underwriters’ requirements.

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